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Client service:

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Law firm Asphaleia offers to businesses complex support services. Our services will significantly simplify your business activities and reduce the risks associated with legal errors that may occur when the documents are not checked by professionals.Our experts will ensure protection against such errors and their consequences.


Business practice shows that the most efficient form of legal support for a company is legal outsourcing, or in other words, attracting external specialists in the sphere of law.



First of all, outsourcing provides an immediate and regular support for the business.

Outsourcing professional legal support is a basis of any company’s financial and legal safety. If you need to reliably secure transactions, minimise risks, get legal issues consultation, then legal services and legal outsourcing is a perfect solution for you.

Advantages of outsourcing:

  • Outsourcing is an efficient and cost-effective tool, that secures business and enables savings on legal services. Thus, the company which is outsourcing legal services does not need to pay taxes and welfare payments (vacation, etc.) for an in-house lawyer, equip workplaces, purchase and consistently update professional software.      

  • No matter how qualified and experienced an in-house lawyer is, he can not be an expert in all spheres of law. But when outsourcing the legal services your business is supported by the group of professionals.  

  • When outsourcing legal services Client has a right to choose the type of cooperation with the contractor  - it can be either occasional oral consultations or complex participation of lawyers in the company’s working process. Client usually pays after the services are rendered depending on their range.

  • Outsourcing external legal experts provides additional guarantee of confidentiality of all information about the company's activities, as this information represents a commercial secret. The law firm is not interested in disclosing any information, having certain obligations and valuing its own business reputation, as well as risking to lose the Client. Company not always can avoid an unwanted leakage of information with the in-house lawyer.

  • You may need professional legal services in case of litigations, or when the firm’s activities are interfered by the law enforcement, tax and other regulatory authorities. Our specialists have extensive background which allows to positively solve complex disputes in arbitration courts, as well as issues arising when dealing with bailiffs and tax authorities.   


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